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For people who like some old fashioned 'toons with their anime. :)

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I looked around and couldn't find a cartoon download site, so here it is. :) It's not as fancy as anime_downloads or some of the other high-quality comms out there, but hopefully this will change as we go along. ^^

*** Rules ***

1. Requests are welcomed, but please check the memories section to see if the request has already been made. If it has, and the links have expired, you can comment and ask for them to be re-uploaded. If the poster does not get back to you within 48 hours, then you may make a new post for the same request.

2. All download posts must be friends-locked. This is non-negotiable. Requests can be open to everyone. You never know - some non-members may email you a present. :)

3. No intro posts. Post a request, post a 'toon, post about .avi vs other formats, cool - but anything else will be considered OT and will be deleted.

4. Comment if you download something. If mirror sites are posted, comment on which site you're taking it from. It's good manners, and it tells the poster that it might be worthwhile to post more eps since people are taking them.

5. Tags - if you upload a show, put the full title as the tag, i.e Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Other tags are not required. Requesters, please put the full title as the tag.

6. Subject Line (guidelines):

A) Request = Request + series title + episode numbers (if applicable) and/or movie title (if applicable)
B) Download post = Download + series title + episode numbers (if applicable) and/or movie title (if applicable)

See the examples:

A) Requesting Sonic Underground Eps 5 and 6
B) Download (new)TMNT S1, Eps 1-5

Although, as long as the pertinent information is there, I'm not gonna care too much about exact wording.

7) Please do not leave re-upload requests on someones personal LJ. That is what this comm is for.

That's it for now. I'll add more as I go along. ^^

*** Recommended Upload Sites ***

www.megaupload.com **

** Members living in Asian countries have a very hard time downloading from this site as there are very few slots assigned to countries here. If you upload to megaupload, please consider mirroring it on another site so everyone can access files. It is greatly appreciated if you do.

Remember: Always support your favorite shows by buying DVD's whenever you can. Here in China, I can't access most of them during the year which is why I search online, but rest assured I do buy them when I'm home. This community is mainly to make shows avalable for people who can't access the DVD's (yet).