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Street Sharks Request :D

Hi everyone ^_^ Just wanted to see if someone could pleeeaaasse upload episodes of the Street Sharks? I'm really achin' to see the debut episode of Jets Taylor (aka Moby Lick) cuz I've never seen this one and also, I'd love to watch Killamari's debut again XD I've been a fan of the Sharks since the late 90's and have never left it. In fact, I'm creating a stop-motion film that features the Sharks and some other familiar creatures as well ;)

Any Street Sharks episodes would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again *waves*




I have them - on cd which is in China right now. I can upload them when I get back there, but that's not for 3 and half more weeks. If no one's uploaded them by then, drop me another line (just respond to this comment) to remind me.

One day, I'll remember to log in first.

*sigh* The above comment would be mine. ^^

Re: One day, I'll remember to log in first.

LoL Not a problem and thanks very much, I'd really appreciate you doing that! Do you live in China? Are you traveling right now? Whatever you're doing, sounds exciting XD

Thanks again!

Re: One day, I'll remember to log in first.

I'm in Canada right now! ^^ Ontario to be exact. I'll be in New Brunswick in just over a week, and then I'll fly back to Shanghai in mid-August. I hope someone gets back to you before then, but if not, no worries. ^^ I'll post 'em asap.

Re: One day, I'll remember to log in first.

Wow! You lucky person you! You really ARE a traveling storm, huh?? That's great, I hope I can have the moolah saved up to do so someday. I plan on touring around Europe next year w/ my best friend; we'll see how it goes ;)

Thanks so much, I look forward to the episodes! Street Sharks all the way :D Who was your fave, if you don't mind me askin'?

Re: One day, I'll remember to log in first.

I wanna do Europe in 2010 w/my good friend too. ^^ Good luck with that!

And I watched Street Sharks years ago - I can't remember any of the names, sad to say. ^^;;;;;

Re: One day, I'll remember to log in first.

Wow, that's great! I'm sure I don't have to wish you luck cuz I know you'll be going for sure ;D

Aww, poo! I was curious to know who your fave was ;p Oh well, it's all good :D


Re: One day, I'll remember to log in first.

Well, it's been more than 3 1/2 weeks since you posted here originally, and since don't see any links or anything to a place to get the episodes I;m just leaving a message to remind ya.

And yes, I am just some random guy that wants see see Street Sharks again.


street sharks

i know there are six episodes you can download on stagevu.com
just search "street sharks" and click on one and hit download... sooooooo great!!!!